Group Classes

We designed our group class program to be as simple and effective as possible.

Conditioning for all fitness levels

Whether you're a level 1 peon or level 80 warrior our group conditioning programs provide stat boosts for all levels of fitness. The foundations of our group conditioning program is built on the principles of strength training and raw functional training. 

Our workouts are low impact and focus on developing total body strength, mobility and conditioning. 

You'll burn fat and tone muscle with our 45 minute classes while also adding a stat boost to your strength and stamina. At HSC we love to push our members to see physical and mental results. Changing body composition is one thing but attaining the new found confidence and energy to live life your way is how we're able to level up each member one rep at a time. 

Five Week Program for $297

Results happen when action is taken.
- Custom workout program for 35 days
- Unlimited access to classes such as Yoga & Kickboxing
- Nutritional guidance and meal plans by Registered Dietitians