Virtual & In-Home Personal Training

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How does it work?

We offer Virtual and In-Home Personal Training.

We are now offering In-Home Service Personal Training for the San Jose and Milpitas Areas.

We train our members like they're individual members of the Justice League or the Avengers. Each superhero has a unique superpower. Our job is to create and coach each of our members through their fitness quest with a unique  program that will elevate them to the next level and unlock their own superpower! 

  1. Meet Your Guide - This is a no hassle meet up via ZOOM with one of our coaches to deep dive into how we can best help you.

  2. Assessment Session - We will go over your nutrition and analyze your movement to get a better picture of how to create your program.

  3. Attain Your Custom Program - Once we have all our basic stats our coaches will develop a program catered to your own goals. The workouts will be delivered through an App for ease of use and communication with your coach.

  4. Begin Your Quest - You train according to your schedule. You will not be confined to a group class schedule. You will still have access to our group classes for additional stat boosts!

  5. Follow Up - Most clients begin training 4, 3, or 2 sessions per week via ZOOM or Outdoors. We work together until you reach your initial goals, then transition to a maintenance program. Our goal is to develop lifetime relationships with our clients.If you need more help, we’re always here for you!

Results Guaranteed

Our personal and semi-private sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes depending on your needs. 

When you begin your program with us our Zoom group classes are included at no extra cost. 

All of our programs guarantee results and are for all fitness levels.  

Book a No Hassle Discovery Call

Take the first step and consult with one of our seasoned coaches to talk about your goals and needs.