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SPOILER WARNING – If you haven’t watched Endgame turn back now.

You ever get that feeling of being “the bad guy” when you had to make a hard decision that lead to growth in a positive way but left others feeling some type of way?


It happens plenty of times when people decide to start changing their habits from bad to good and eventually towards great. You see this in the journey of people trying to attain a healthier lifestyle compared to their current one.


This post is written in the spirit of giving you permission to “Be the Villain” in order to attain your own greatness. If you’ve watched both Avengers Infinity War & Endgame then you’ll understand the mindset where I’m coming from.


Thanos Did Nothing Wrong


If you take the perspective of Thanos all he was trying to do was bring balance to the universe in order for the “whole” to prosper. Mind you he was suggesting genocide however it was one of those hard decisions he had to make for his overall goal. In his eyes, snapping people out of existence was a “humane” way of doing it.


What he did to get there was the difference between him winning at the end and the Avengers facing their greatest defeat.


We Don’t Trade Lives


Captain America said several times that they do not trade lives and won’t make such sacrifices during their quest in stopping Thanos. That is where success and failure was decided.


Thanos sacrificed his “children” and made another hard decision to let go of his own “daughter” in order to see his overall goal through because it ultimately fulfilled his “WHY – Balance to the Universe.”


He was willing to sacrifice and truly do whatever it took to get this over all goal accomplished.


Thanos believed in and wanted his success more than anything.


This resulted in the ultimate win at the end in his favor.


Now Take That Flip It and Reverse It


In Endgame our heroes were pushed to their physical, mental and emotional limits. This is where the tide turns in their favor as they truly realize what they needed to do.


Be the Villain.

They went into the mindset of doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to settle the score and bring all their loved ones back from their horrible fate.


This lead to Black Widow & Iron Man making the ultimate sacrifice that lead to THAT EPIC ASS BATTLE SCENE IN THE END!


This is the type of mindset people need to be in to see through an intense goal of theirs that they once deemed improbable.


I’m not saying go and sacrifice your damn family or commit horrible crimes.


What I am alluding to is that there will be those moments in your own quest to achieve your lifestyle goals that will truly test you. There will be those hard decisions you will need to make to improve yourself.


Sometimes you’ll need to give up certain opportunities, stop self destructing habits or even cut a select amount of people out of your life in order for you to become a better version of yourself.


Those who understand and believe in you will be the people you need to surround yourself with as they will help elevate you in your quest.


Others may see you as being the bad guy/girl and that’s ok.


Fuck it. Be the villain.

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