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Today I go over the difference between Mobility vs Flexibility and how focusing on improving your mobility will help with your physical performance as well as aid in injury reduction. I use Spider Gwen and Mr. Fantastic as our superhero examples for this vs series episode!

Our mission here at Hyper Strength & Conditioning (HSC) is to coach the underdog to surpass even their own expectations. HSC was nothing but a dream by Austin Toloza who was an up and coming trainer in San Jose, CA. Through his journey training and working throughout the fitness industry from your local health club to the professional sports scene such as the NFL, he aspired to open his own facility that focused on providing the fundamentals of strength & conditioning to the masses. Growing up and being inspired by stories of heroism from Batman & Superman to Dragonball Z, he wanted to provide a training facility that embodied that culture where members could nerd out about their favorite storylines and characters with each other while also training and pushing one another.


HSC Focuses on Personal Training, Small Group and Online Coaching.


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