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Personal training offers numerous benefits, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. 

Read on to find out who should use such services to tell if you should consider working with a personal trainer.

1. Complete Beginner

The first group of people is pretty straightforward. If you’re a complete beginner and have no idea how to get started with structured training, a personal trainer can be of great help.

Instead of wasting months or even years trying to put all the puzzle pieces together, a coach can save you time, effort, and a ton of frustration.

2. Returning to Training After Extended Layoff

The second group of people who can benefit significantly from personal training services is those with previous workout experience. For example, maybe you were an avid lifter in high school but haven’t entered a weight room in two decades. 

In such a case, working with a trainer, even for a few sessions, can bring you back to speed and possibly help you let go of old, dogmatic, and misguided ideas.

3. Previously Injured Because of Poor Training Practices

A good coach can get you back in the game if you’ve ever injured yourself due to poor training. More importantly, a solid personal trainer can show you the mistakes you’ve made and help you understand why you got injured in the first case.

That knowledge is invaluable because it can save you from pain down the road.

4. Struggling to Master Certain Activities

Maybe you’re an experienced trainee but struggle to master certain exercises, such as pull-ups, dips, deadlifts, squats, and such. 

In that case, working with a personal trainer can provide a lot of value and equip you with the knowledge you need to push past roadblocks (1). 

An expert observing you from the side can spot errors that affect movement mechanics and limit your ability to perform at your best.

5. Not Sure How to Progress In The Long Run

We all know that progressive overload, placing increasingly greater physical stress on your body, is crucial for long-term adaptation (2).

The question is, how do you keep progressing in the long run? There are plenty of schemes and workout recommendations, which can make it challenging to tell what you should do.

A personal trainer can help you get clear on your goals and make it easier for you to organize your training in a way that promotes linear and somewhat predictable improvements.

6. Tired of Wasting Your Time With Cookie-Cutter Programs

Do a quick Google search, and you’ll come across countless workouts, each promising something:

  • Big biceps
  • Washboard abs
  • A huge V-taper back

At first glance, these workouts might even seem adequate. Unfortunately, they rarely work because they don’t consider your individuality. 

None of these programs consider your strengths, limitations, workout preferences, actual goals, injury history, schedule, age, nutrition, and other factors.

Working with a personal trainer could be highly beneficial if you’re tired of stumbling from one cookie-cutter solution to the next.


As you can see, there are several good reasons for working with a personal trainer. 

Beginners are an obvious group of people who should consider these services, but other trainees can also enjoy great benefits.