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Do you struggle to stay motivated and exercise consistently? 

Maybe you’ve tried some approaches, and each felt fun at first. But, as you did a few workouts, your interest went down, and you gave up.

If so, read on because we’ll be going over an underrated way to stay motivated, have fun, and reach your goals: attending fitness classes.

What Are Fitness Classes?

A fitness class is where a group of people gets together, typically in a studio, and an instructor leads an entire session. 

The instructor provides an exercise plan, demonstrates how to perform each activity, and does the entire workout while the class follows along.

There are numerous types of classes, depending on fitness level, exercise modality, intensity, length, and more. Popular options include CrossFit, yoga, pilates, Tabata, cycling, water aerobics, and more.

4 Reasons Why Fitness Classes Could Be The Secret to Staying Motivated

1. You Enjoy Fresh Workouts

Prevailing wisdom suggests that grueling exercise is the price we have to pay to be fit, feel good, and stay healthy. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

The beauty of fitness is that it is fluid like water and can assume many shapes depending on the person’s goals, preferences, and schedule. You don’t have to endure a tedious training program because it is “the best.”

Fitness classes can be fantastic precisely because they provide a variety of fun and challenging workouts that keep you engaged. Research suggests that novelty is crucial for adherence (1). 

Moreover, you can pick between various activities and do precisely the type of training you enjoy.

2. The Atmosphere is Fun and Upbeat

Working out solo has its perks. For example, putting on your earbuds, blasting your favorite song, and getting a new PR on the squat or deadlift is a feeling like no other. 

But, a notable benefit of group classes is the atmosphere (2). You’re surrounded by positive, upbeat, and motivated people, which creates an electric environment. 

Thanks to the upbeat atmosphere, you’re more likely to have fun, push yourself hard, and make excellent progress.

3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Details

Working out can be fun, but deciding how to structure your training, what exercises to do, and how long to rest between sets can be frustrating. Often, people give up simply because the process is too overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the details in fitness classes. Your job is to show up and do the work as the instructor outlines it. Your coach takes care of every detail, including how to do each exercise and what mistakes to avoid.

4. Fitness Classes Provide a Sense of Progression

Progression is integral for long-term results, enjoyability, and consistency. Even the most enthusiastic trainees are bound to give up eventually if they don’t see any improvements. 

Another notable benefit of group classes is they provide a real sense of progression and often help trainees reach fitness objectives. As a result, it isn’t as challenging to stay motivated in the long run.


Group fitness classes might not seem all that great, but they offer distinct benefits. If you’re looking for ways to shake up your training or get motivated, give them a shot and see how you enjoy a group training environment.

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