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Forged by gods but can only be used by mortals the Triforce embodies the Ultimate Power in the world of The Legend of Zelda. The Triforce is made up of three triangles; Triforce of Power, Triforce of Courage & the Triforce of Wisdom.

When a mere mortal possesses the Triforce they are able to have any wish granted to them, regardless of it being “good” or “evil.”


We can break up the realm of strength & conditioning into three areas all heroes in training will need to improve upon in order to attain their own ULTIMATE POWER!!!


Powerlifting – Establish fundamental base strength.

Olympic Weightlifting – Increase power output & flexibility.

Core/Speed – Efficiently transfer your strength & power to produce force & speed in the real world.



Cardio – Improving your heart health.

Conditioning – Training consistently to improve overall fitness & health.

Endurance – Develop the ability to withstand uncomfortable situations.



Nutrition – Intaking the proper foods for optimal nourishment.

Recovery – Taking the time to allow the mind & body to heal & grow.

Mobility – Enhancing the ability to move while maintaining joint health.


In the Triforce of Power we have all the major strength & power movements. Powerlifting is super important to build up your foundational strength but when paired with Olympic weightlifting the individuals athleticism and power receive a huge stat boost. In order to execute both at a higher level of precision & speed the hero in training must master their core work as the trunk muscles are the conduit of how power and strength is transferred to produce the hero in training’s force to the outside world.


With the Triforce of Courage it takes a ton of character development of a hero in training but in exchange their discipline will spike. Cardio movements such as jogging, rowing, circuit training etc. helps elevate the function and health of the heart which is THE most important muscle of the human body. Conditioning is utilized to forge the right habits for an individual in order to maintain and improve their overall health & fitness. This is where the major framing of XP points happen. Endurance caps off the development of this part of the triforce where the individual will attain the strengthened ability to drive through difficult circumstances unwaivered.


Embodying the Triforce of Wisdom is the focus of keeping the hero in training grounded with healthy practices of nutrition, recovery & mobility. Intaking the right type of foods will allow the individual’s stats of strength, power, speed & health to improve faster. Allowing time to recover from intense training sessions will allow all physical and mental abilities of the individual to heal, improve and regain their ability use. Improving the mobility of the individual’s joints will prevent restriction of movement and elevate the level of physical challenges the hero in training can take on in future events.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one thing and one thing only is the absolute necessary tool of training. Each Triangle of the Triforce can be elevated and even go beyond its own abilities when the other two triangles play a part in their journey. This is why when all three are utilized it allows the individual to GO BEYOND their level of ability and perform at a whole new level.


Focusing on all three will help any hero in training achieve their own ultimate power in their realm of sport. A majority of people, myself included, focus on just two out of three due to preference. This is why training with others who dominate within another triangle of emphasis can help round out anyone’s potential to complete their Triforce of ULTIMATE POWER.


BONUS – Master Sword Workout

Check out one of our client’s workouts as he sets out in his own quest called “QuestLog” to level up in real life.

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