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Myth #1 It Can Become Confused


This is hilarious. Muscle fucking confusion? Are you shitting me? Muscles cannot become confused because they already know what to do.


Muscles contract by way of motor units. To keep it really simple and not go too crazy into details, muscle fibers are controlled by motor neurons which are activated by your central nervous system. If you want to contract a muscle it will contract fully. There’s no hesitation. It either does or it doesn’t.


Muscle confusion is a great marketing tactic to get you thinking that you are outsmarting your body to get it to do what you want it to do.


“HA! I’m confusing the muscle which in return will grow faster than it’s suppose to. HAHAHAH I’M SO SMART!”


Nope. It is an already known fact that when you constantly vary your activities and don’t give your body a chance to adapt it will always improve in way of increased muscle tissue and improve efficiency of energy systems.


Bottom Line: Muscles already know what to do, contract or relax.


Myth #2 Muscle is Bad for Women


This myth REFUSES to be dispelled with so many women stating that weight training will make them bulky! No matter how many times you display the studies and facts there will always be people saying “Nope! Muscle is bad for Women! The hottest models are skinny and lean! No Muscle!”



Muscle is great for women due to many reasons; leaner body, more energy, and even increased daily strength. The one main reason building muscle is great for women is the fact that it helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis related fractures!


Myth #3 Toning a Muscle Requires High Reps And Low Weight


Nope. Toning a muscle requires building lean tissue while losing fat. This is achieved by being smart with your diet and putting on some damn muscle.


How do you put on some damn muscle?


Moderate sets reps with moderate to heavy ass weight done consistently doing huge compound movements such as Bench, Squat, and Deadlifting. If you want to be ambitious go for Olympic lifting while you’re at it!


Don’t like weights?


Do Squats, Lunges, Push Ups, Sit ups, and Pull Ups.


Curling 3lbs dumbbells while doing step ups will NOT build the muscle mass you need to get that “toning” effect. Doing a general strength program consistently while eating smart WILL get you that “toning” effect that many people desire.

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