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Last fall we had a handful of our own members compete in their very first Weightlifting Meet called “Rite of Passage” at the Speed, Power, Strength Gym located in Oakland, CA.


This meet was strictly for first time competitors sanctioned by the USAW. To me this was a great way to grow the sport of weightlifting, especially as its true essence was to eliminate the gymtimidation aspect of competing.


Each of our members who were competing were training for at least 8 weeks and were on specific programs designed and administered by our very own Weightlifting Coach Tim Pham aka Tito Suave.


One big thing these athletes did was be persistent in their training and mindset. They dominated every training session from the warm up to the last rep of the last movement. These ladies & gents took their recovery seriously and asked our coaches a ton of questions about competing on the platform.


Above all they showed a ton of heart and left it all on that platform and we couldn’t be more proud. Each of these individuals went from not knowing how to handle a barbell to throwing some damn weight over their heads in an official competition!


If you’re thinking about doing your first weightlifting meet we challenge you to go beyond that iffy mindset and go all in with the intent to conquer.


Decide to compete, find a coach, get on a training program at least 8 weeks out and practice, practice, practice.


That is how you dominate your first weightlifting meet. Go Beyond!

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