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Understand Your “Why.”

As you start your journey it’s easy to rush into it with blind ambition and relentless enthusiasm. You lose your first four pounds with ease which fuels your desire to continue on. The more you push through this path however, the sooner you realize that it is much longer than you perceived it to be. The pounds are coming off slower even with the extra attention to your diet and time of exercise.

Your easy path to success is slowly turning into an uphill battle. What are you going to do?

This exact point of your journey defines who you will become in the next coming months. Will you be another statistic representing those who gave up on their fitness quest in the first three months or will you be among the few who have tasted the very success they promised themselves to achieve?

To push you through this wall you must understand the essence of your why. Why did you start in the first place? Why are you making all these sacrifices? Yes to accomplish a set goal you have given yourself, but why? Is it to be a better role model for your kids? Is it to finally feel proud of the person you see in the mirror? Is it to no longer live in fear that you won’t see your grandchildren grow up?

It’s also normal for your ‘why’ to change as we evolve and adapt to our own lives. We get busy, overworked and stressed and sometimes we need to refocus and coming back and re defining your ‘why’ is essential to being successful!

Whatever it is you need to hold on to it with an iron grip and look back to it at times of great adversity. It is during those intense moments that your “why” will guide you towards becoming a stronger you.

Commit to Prevail at the End.

You can be as optimistic as you want when it comes to your journey, but sometimes you may be having an off day, week or even month and not perform at a level you expect yourself to be at that given point. Disappointing yourself may lead to low morale and to overcome these small bumps in the road you will need to commit to the notion that you will prevail at the end.

You need to commit to yourself that no matter what happens you will succeed at the end. It may take longer than you expected and you may run into more obstacles than you thought, but ultimately you need to understand that in order to make your goal a reality, you must commit to succeeding in the end.

Consistency always beats Intensity.

Developing this mindset will give you more clarity and drive during your toughest times. Tying the notion of committing to prevailing at the end with understanding your “why” will help you overcome countless setbacks unforeseen in the beginning. Now make it happen!

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