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FYI: I’ll be using very harsh language because I’m passionate about this subject. It’s all out of love.


Manage Your Fucking Eating

Start recording what the fuck you’re eating on a daily basis. People who say they have no time to record their eating cause it’s so tedious or they don’t know exactly how much calories are in food are full of shit. We have google to help you find the answer to almost any question. We have apps that help you record what you ate. If all else fails fucking guesstimate. All you have to do is type it in your phone.




If you have time to stalk instagram, tik tok, or whatever the fuck you’re into for hours at a time then you have time to manage and take inventory of what you’re putting in your body.

You want change, change your priorities of how you use your dead time and put it towards actually achieving something for yourself.


Fucking MOVE!


Get off your ass and move. You don’t need to lift a thousand pounds and run a marathon to get in shape. MOVE YOUR ASS!


If you are at an office job stressed out of your mind because you received 1000 e-mails by Suzy whats her name from Product Development who passive aggresively cc’d you talking about how a certain task wasn’t accomplished properly cause you weren’t available to take a conference call last fucking minute then you should definitely remove yourself from the situation and go for a long walk.


Once you lock in your eating, you’ll need to move consistently for moderate periods of time. Take a group class, go for a hike, use all the free trials you can at other gyms!


Whatever it is, just do it!


Make it a mission to move your ass every damn day for at least an hour. Make sure to set your e-mail to OOO and reply ‘yes to all’ while you’re at it.


Commit to Consistency

I’m glad I got those off my chest, time to bring it down a notch.


Everytime we consult with a new client one common thing that pops up is the need for consistency. There’s a huge want in change of behavior that many people feel they are unable to accomplish on their own unless they have someone to hold them accountable.

We want to be better, but how?


We start by taking one step forward toward our goal, whether it be gaining muscle or losing fat. That first step could be going out for a walk, recording what you’re eating every day, or making a whole day a focused on a simple workout.


The key is to keep on stepping forward after that initial step. It doesn’t matter how big the steps are as long as they don’t stop. You may stumble or fall but that’s how we learn to get back up (BATMAN BEGINS REFERENCE).


Decide right now that you ARE better and start taking your first steps toward whatever goal you have set for yourself. Time to level the fuck up!

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