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Will you see the fastest results with the best garage gym equipment available in this hot market of 2020?

Short answer: No. 

Long answer: 

When you workout with the shiniest barbell in the market and flashiest, most colorful plates will you see faster results? 

Well let me ask you this.

If a person who just got their driver’s licenses is given a Ferrari will they get to their destination faster? 

If your answer is yes, are you confident this rookie driver can handle a FUCKING FERRARI!?

fail jemaine clement GIF by Don Verdean

As people begin their fitness journey in their own garage gyms it’s easy to want the new shit. We ourselves get excited when we attain a new gym tool for our coaches to use. They tend to get really excited and rush to the gym that same day to try it out. 

What we do emphasize is that before you buy anything you have to be able to learn how to use it in the first place. 

If your goal is to get stronger, learn a new sport or change your body then garage gym equipment is the least of your worries. What you do need to be focusing on is how to get there. 

Everything else will come in time. 

Be humble, be patient and listen to those who know more than you, no matter how talented you are. 

Stop trying to buy everything Rogue cause you want all the branded swag. That a poser’s mentality. 

Take time to learn the barbell movements, accessory lifts and all the different types of conditioning flows and circuits that are utilized to hit your specific goal. 

Gym Weights GIF by Guava Juice

Once you know exactly what to do you’ll realize that you won’t need the fancy shit until later. You’ll know what you personally need out of each tool you use as you train towards your end goal whatever it may be. You may even realize some of the shit these companies try to sell you are kind of BS (The Face Trainer? DaFuq?) 

Start building your XP points and once you level up you’ll be able to unlock all the cool skins. Don’t be that pay-to-play person! Earn Yo Shit! 

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