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I’m going to get straight to the point about how you can lose body fat fast. 

How fast!? Pretty fast if you do the three ways I’m about to list out consistently. 

When I preach consistency you’ll need to take it slow at first but once your habits become better and done smoothly you’ll start noticing change FAST. 

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Ya’ see what I did there 😉

Here we go!

Nutrient Dense Food

What Are You Eating!?

What are you putting into your body? Your body will only digest and assimilate what you put into it. I don’t care about slick marketing ploys to get you to eat more junk food. You are a grown ass person. If you are blaming others rather than yourself then you have already failed. Don’t read any further cause that mindset is not going to get you results fast. 

If you want to start losing fat now and change your body composition start understanding what you’re eating on a daily basis. A ton of sweets? Alcohol cause you had a long day (7 days in a row)? Lots of fried stuff ‘cause butter?

Whatever it is you need to dial it in and see how much you’re truly eating. Until you get that honed in you won’t be able to make any progress. 

Don’t Like Counting Calories? No Problem. Eat Smart. 

Now that we’ve identified what your daily intake looks like let’s call out a few things.

If your daily intake doesn’t include a ton of fiber, nutritionally dense food such as veggies and fresh protein like lean meats and plant based protein or healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil or any other polyunsaturated fats then we need to make adjustments. 

Start subbing out all the sugary and fatty shit with healthy shit. Instead of store bought chips and fries try air fried fries and homemade chips. See what I did there? I didn’t say to stop eating delicious food, just try to make them differently. You’ll still get the same great test with half the amount of calories. 

If the current amount of food is causing you to still gain weight then let’s reduce the portion size. Reduce the size of lunch if you enjoy dinner more. Same goes for any of the main meals you eat. 

Do you like to snack? Try snacking 2x a day instead of 3x. 

At the end of the day the way our most successful clients achieved abs was constantly adjusting their daily intake to the point where they were consistently losing fat and still enjoying the foods they love. 

Doing this helps you stay consistent and when you’re consistent you start seeing results faster than expected. 

Are you sleeping well?

Sleep is super underrated. Everyone is all about the hustle until they realize the ‘hustle’ breaks them and exposes how much of a weakling they truly are. 

Sleep is where the magic happens. Hormones are regulated, your mind rests, and fat is burned! 

When your body rests for an adequate amount of time (7 to 9 hours) it has the opportunity to start making changes where it needs to based on your habits. If you’ve been moving more and eating less consistently it will find no need to store fat and will actually start reducing fat cell size due to the unnecessary need of storing so much excess calories. 

If it’s hard to get a long bout of sleep in don’t shy away from 30 minute naps. That’s still an opportunity for your body to make changes. 

At the end of the day; Consistency over Intensity. 

Tristan took a year and half to get to where he wanted to be by being consistent AF

If you acknowledge that everything that you can control (eating, activity, rest) are the only things you can actually control then it’ll be easier for you to make fast adjustments and start seeing results sooner rather than later. 

Your answer does not lie in special supplements, magic fat loss teas or detoxes. 

You can start seeing body composition results fast just by doing everything I laid out consistently. 

Hope this helps!

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