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Fitness classes have been around for a long time, and frequent visitors enjoy them for numerous reasons. 

But our world is evolving every day, and things go out of style all the time. This begs the question:

What’s the appeal of fitness classes in 2023?

Let’s talk about it.

1. Enjoyment

Enjoyment will always play a huge role in fitness, and it continues to be one thing that makes fitness classes great (1).

Solo exercise can also be fun, especially for more introverted people, but exercising in a group setting is often more entertaining. You’re surrounded by positive and like-minded individuals, and everyone is there to better themselves and encourage others.

Such an environment is a great way to stay more motivated, enjoy your workouts, push yourself hard, and get better results. And hey, who knows? You might even make some friends there.

2. Connectivity

Despite being more connected thanks to the internet, an ever-growing percentage of people feel isolated and lonely. What good are 5,000 Instagram followers or 1,000 Facebook friends if you spend most of your time alone, buried in your thoughts?

Group fitness classes are excellent because they provide the opportunity to connect with others and gain a sense of belonging. Research suggests that socializing is crucial for mental health, and strong bonds could even reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline (2, 3).

Because of these things, we should never discard human connections, and group classes make it easier to form strong bonds.

3. Efficiency

Leisure time has become a luxury not everyone can afford. Between work, school, errands, taking care of a family, and other obligations, it gets increasingly challenging to enjoy free time. 

One notable benefit of fitness classes, and a reason why they are still around in 2023, is that you can enjoy quicker and more efficient workouts. 

Instead of dedicating yourself to a gym routine that takes several hours each week, a couple of fitness classes can provide a similar stimulus and keep you on track in half or even a third of the time.

4. Mental Health

Mental health is a somewhat taboo topic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. According to data, more than 260 million people worldwide suffered from depression in 2020 (4). In addition, anxiety disorders appear to be the most common mental disorder in the US (5).

Loneliness is another area worth exploring. Research suggests that 17 percent of adults report feeling all the time, and 36 percent report feeling lonely from time to time (6). In addition to affecting well-being, some studies show that loneliness is a significant predictor of psychological problems (7, 8).

The good news is that fitness classes can be the perfect venue for working on your mental health. Physical activity is an excellent way to boost your psychological well-being and be around like-minded and positive people.

Final Words

There you have it:

Fitness classes offer numerous advantages and are still appealing to people looking to lose weight, get fit, and improve their health in 2023.

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